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Self-Love Challenge Details!

I'm officially thinking of this now as the Love Yourself to Freedom challenge! That is really what it's all about to me - liberating yourself from the masks, the limiting stories, the beliefs, the boxes you've put yourself in just to survive over the years, to reveal the TRUE YOU underneath it all!

The challenge itself is 5 days, Monday through Friday, about an hour each day. We will gather live on Zoom and the replays will be made available in my private Krystal Clear Heart Facebook group afterwards, if you are unable to join live. Note that there is potential for some of this to shift as we move closer, but I am trusting the flow. :)

Here are some current details of each day's intended activities:

Day 1: Intro & Intention-Setting

You will get to know more about me, my journey, and why you should listen to what I have to say! ;) We will also take time to tune-in to what you'd like to achieve, overcome, shift, and/or expand in our time together.

Day 2: Physical Body

We will go into how to connect to our bodies and learn how to truly love and honor them. We will have an amazing guest, Amber Schmidt, who I had the pleasure of meeting in the HEMA Wellness Method, and who is simply incredible. She will bring her deep wisdom and lead us through an embodiment practice to root us more solidly into our bodies.

About Amber Schmidt, Founder & Creatrix, Soul Flow Wellness,

Amber is passionate about mentoring women to reconnect with their inner flame. From years in a high paced corporate environment, Amber witnessed women having to stretch so far into the masculine energy that many, including herself, lost touch with their true nature and feminine essence. Through Amber's mentorship, reiki certifications, and embodied experiences, you can expect to unleash your inner divine feminine flame from the binds society put on you. Get back to chasing your dreams, transform to heart centered living, and own the direction of your life in a divinely aligned way.

Day 3: Energetic Body / Cyclical Living

We are going to feel into how the energy flows when this day arrives, but given the interrelatedness of the subtle energy bodies that connect us to the life force energy that flows through our energy centers (or chakras), and our internal cycles, particularly our menstrual cycle, it's pretty likely we will touch on both of these to some extent. My profoundly brilliant coach, Lindsay Marten Ellis, will join us to share her expertise on the subject(s). She is a wealth of deep, embodied knowledge in both areas, so no matter what comes through as we go with the flow, it will absolutely be potent and alchemizing!

About Lindsay Marten Ellis, Owner & Founder of Living Well by Lindsay, Inc.,

Lindsay is an embodied intuitive; somatic healer, spiritual teacher and speaker, and Human Design soul guide. Her life’s work is devoted to empowering humanity to transform from the inside out using a soulful, magnetic, body based approach.

Lindsay’s revolutionary framework helps women heal their relationship with themselves through connecting to their body wisdom. This journey of healing and self-discovery activates women’s deepest desires on a cellular level… While awakening their soul’s whispers to co-create expansion in the arenas of purpose, alignment, and impact.

Day 4: True Nature

We will talk about our true nature as human beings on the planet and how to more deeply connect into Mother Earth and the cosmos, learn to feel their rhythms, and how to make magic with them. My beautiful sister, Sarah McCallum, will be joining us to share some of her incredibly deep wisdom on the subject of the cosmos, the elements, and connecting to the moon's movement through the zodiac. This is powerfully magical stuff!

About Sarah McCallum, Cosmic Finder & Bodyworker,

Sarah McCallum helps those who feel blocked, stuck, or confused uncover deeper meanings and hidden truths that may be buried within their soul's blueprint. She travels through the realms of Astrology as well as the Akashic Records to deliver clear messages of healing to her clients. Sarah is a 'Cosmic Finder', revealing that which people know on a subconscious level but aren't yet aware of in their conscious body/mind. By facilitating a safe space for the healing session to occur, Sarah works alongside her client in making visible what was previously invisible and thus begin anew. Sarah creates pure containers for efficient and transformational change through a reverent connection to her divine team and in co-creation with Spirit. Sarah offers sessions in person (Reno, NV) as well as virtually to prove all over the country and abroad. To learn more about her offerings and/or to schedule a session please visit

Day 5: Closing & Share

On our final day together, I would love to hold space for you all to share any aha moments or other experiences from the journey. I will also share a special invitation to work with me more closely, where we will dive much, much deeper into all of the topics covered in this challenge, as well as 3 more super juicy topics that have been so pivotal to my own transformation journey, and plenty of embodiment practices, journal prompts, and guided meditations to support your integration along the way!

If any of this is tickling your fancy, I invite you to sign-up for the challenge on my homepage or via the pop-up so you will be on the email list and get additional details (Zoom link, FB group invite, etc.).

I look so forward to this journey with you! Let's GROW!! 💖

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