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Heartfully leading women to an awakening of their own Love, a reclamation of their Wholeness, and a deeper trust in their Inner Knowing.

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7-week Intensive - Coming Soon

Imagine being able to look in the mirror and feel nothing but LOVE smiling back at you...

Hey there,
I'm Krystal

Embodied Wholeness & Wellness Guide 

I see you! I believe you were guided here because you KNOW that there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing now, but you aren’t totally sure what to do next.

You feel that there is more YOU that wants to come through, you desire more ALIVENESS and FREEDOM in your day-to-day, and you are awakening to the idea that what you see is not ALL there is. 


Luckily (for both of us!), my life’s work is dedicated to providing heartful, intuitive guidance within a powerfully transformative container of like minded sisters who witness and hold you as we clear the way for you to reignite your spark of passion for Life and live in a way that is fulfilling to your heart and nourishing to your soul, all while cultivating a feeling of unconditional love for yourself in your Wholeness and deepening your connection to your Inner Knowing. If this is ringing your bell, let’s connect! :)


What My Clients Have to Say...

“What can I say? This woman is a force! Krystal brings a fierceness and a gentleness at once. Awakening the embodied feminine essence within us, she guides us to come back to wholeness. I am honored to have been able to witness her magic unfurl so closely, and I know that the medicine she uniquely brings is so very needed for our times. Thank you Krystal for your courage to bring forth your sacred gifts in service to the world, we are all deeply grateful. ”
~Kate Ballo, Creatrix of Wild Feminine Alchemy

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