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Friday Musings With The Foolish Sage - July 8, 2022

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Happy Friday, dear friends!

There is so much that is ALIVE for me right now - from my shadows showing me places where I must continue to explore to be truly FREE, to my excitement for my upcoming self-love challenge (click the button at the bottom of the email to join!), to my humility and gratitude for the amazing communities of support I have in my life today!

All that said, what I'm really feeling called to share today is about my relationship to my body.

That is likely because I'm in the menstrual phase of my cycle and feeling SO much, physically and emotionally. This is the time of a woman's monthly cycle in which the veil is at its thinnest, so to speak, and I find that I'm able to more readily access my intuition and Inner Knowing during this time. My powers of discernment are stronger and my body craves more slowness, stillness, and quiet.

The awareness and connection I have with my body today is not something that came easily or naturally to me. It's something I've had to work on a LOT. I've almost always carried extra weight and even at my fittest, I've still felt like I was not good enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough. I would often berate myself for not doing better, not being better, not LOOKING better.

My body was my worst enemy...

That was until I had a HUGE shift in perspective a couple of years ago. I came to recognize and appreciate my body as the human vessel through which my soul gets to experience this beautiful, messy, fun, sometimes tragic thing we call Life! I had a stark realization that I didn't even give my body as much attention and care as I give my house, even though she is the home to my highest essence. Without her, I simply would cease to exist on the physical plane...

No more dancing, no more eating, no more swimming... no more Life! I suddenly felt like my priorities were WAY off.

I also came to understand that, although I am blessed beyond measure to have an incredible soulmate partner who I've shared my life with for over 17 years now, my body is my only TRUE life partner! She is the only one who will be with me every waking moment of my life, yet all I had done up until that point was wish for her to be different, be better, be something or someone else.

That's a terrible way to treat a partner, don't you think?? (I certainly don't think Jamie would still be around if that's how I treated him!!)

Today, I consider my relationship with my body to be the single most important relationship in my life. Like all relationships, it is based on a strong foundation of communication, trust, and love. I have worked through a lot of childhood wounds, stripped away mountains of old programming, and integrated so many shadows to come to where I am now...

A place of radical acceptance and true LOVE of my body in all of her perfectly human imperfection. Jiggly thighs and all! ;)

I invite you to get really honest with yourself and ask: "Have I been treating my body as well as I would treat my partner or how I would like to be treated in a partnership?" Perhaps use this as a journal prompt and let the words flow - don't stop to judge or berate yourself. This is simply about building awareness...

Once you have the awareness, you have the power of the present moment to make different choices to begin to cultivate a more loving relationship with yourself.

I'd love to hear how this hits you and what comes up!

Sending you (and your beautiful human body!) so much love and gratitude for being here and, most importantly, for being YOU! :)


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