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Friday Musings With The Foolish Sage - July 29, 2022

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Happy Friday, my dears!

I've spent this last week in northern Michigan with family, and I'm just beaming - the 5-day Self-Love Challenge last week was such a beautiful experience! I have shared with anyone who will listen how very fortunate I feel to step out into the world with my heart leading the way and guiding other women through profound transformation. This is truly a dream come true! As I reflect on last week's challenge, there are a couple of dominant emotions that arise - the first of which is GRATITUDE. I'm a strong believer in the power of gratitude to attract in more to be grateful for, so I will continue to find reasons to be grateful each and every day. And, I've gotta say, it's just SO easy to vibe with gratitude when you're living out your dream!🥰 I'm also feeling a heavy dose of PRIDE in myself. Now this one is trickier than gratitude, in that there is a major, obvious shadow side associated with pride. Many people associate it as one of the "seven deadly sins." This to me feels like such a gross oversimplification of pride as "bad" when it has the potential to be a really powerful, positive force in one's life. In my experience, feeling proud of myself does not automatically make me arrogant or vain. It is simply how I enthusiastically acknowledge my choice to take inspired action, pass or fail.

I choose to be proud of myself for simply taking a step. One of my mentors constantly reminds me to CELEBRATE even the smallest moves as I'm co-creating my dream life. Celebration energy is truly magnetic, and in order to be able to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments, I believe you have to have some level of pride in yourself. So, I aim to embody pride through celebration (and vice versa!).🥳 Everyone deserves to feel proud of themselves - Life can be challenging enough without taking moments to pat ourselves on the back and celebrate. The more we celebrate even the most minute steps, the more we develop a deeper sense of pride in ourselves for taking those steps. And that pride may well serve as the springboard that catapults us forward toward truly incredible manifestation! So what do you think? Is pride inherently "bad" or should we encourage it? Should we encourage celebrating ourselves regardless of the outcomes? 💖Krystal PS - If you didn't get a chance to join my free 5-day self-love challenge, I invite you to join my Facebook group to view the replays while they're available!

PPS - Working with our shadows, like PRIDE, is an integral part of my transformational guidance. I'm facilitating a 6-week intensive, Awakening Self-Love, starting in mid to late August! For details, to join, or to book a call with me, go to my site:💖

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