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I Can Find My Way

I feel like all of my writing begins with a Paul McCartney song these days... that's likely because I've been diving deep into his amazing solo catalog over the last two years. It's INCREDIBLE how much amazing music he has made over the years that I was oblivious to, since I stopped short at The Beatles! It's been over 50 years since The Beatles stopped making music together and yet that's where my knowledge of Paul McCartney basically ended up until recently. I'm so thrilled to be discovering the depth of his profound poetry and beautiful music, and I'm simply blown away by how relevant his messages remain today (except for maybe 'Temporary Secretary' - honestly no idea what that one's about! 🤔).

The Beatles were the soundtrack of my childhood.

Today the song 'Find My Way' came to me as I sat in a masterclass targeted toward people like me, but also so unlike me. The group of amazing women in this class are helping to usher in the New Earth, so many of them through their coaching and healing work with clients, which is so admirable and so very necessary. Truthfully, this is the exact same kind of work that I have been gearing up to do with the help of my business coach, countless webinars and masterclasses, and Kairos Healers Academy over the last several months (all of which I have to say have been SO incredible for my own personal growth!)...

...the thing is, I very recently got vivid clarity (you might say a Krystallized vision! ✨) that working with clients is actually not fully aligned to what my soul came here to do in this incarnation! Okay, I receive you loud and clear, Me... so now what??

Enter Sir Paul (with the always amazing Beck in the remix!):


Well, I can find my way,

I know my left from right,

because we never close,

I'm open day and night.

I know my way around

I walk toward the light

I'm open 'round the clock

I don't get lost at night


So now, I find my way! I walk toward the light. I TRUST that I'm on the right path and even if I can't see what that path is or where it is leading me right now, I know I will indeed find my way.

I know my future is being Krystallized! ✨

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