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Come on, get happy.

Shout hallelujah! The weekend is upon us and I have a brand new laptop to play with... ugh, I mean, "with which to play." That seems so awkward to me - so formal. Why do we still have to comply with old school grammatical rules that no longer have a place in today's vernacular? (Maybe we don't have to, but I generally have a sometimes overly keen sense of correctness... wouldn't want to risk looking like a fool in front of... no one?) So, here's a thought: does the majority really prefer reading urbanized colloquialisms mashed together in a messy sandwich over a tightly rolled, deliciously crafted wordsmith wrap? You initially may be inclined to think no, we aren't that shallow as a whole... but consider, how many would rather watch a video than read an ACTUAL article (not a stupid, time-wasting slideshow or a thinly-veiled opinion piece being passed off as "fact")? Does anyone read books that aren't shallow celebrity memoirs or completely backwards, catastrophically misleading diet books from unqualified bozos touting everything BUT nature's true remedy to obesity and disease: real, whole, plant-based foods? It sometimes feels like the world has sunken to a new moral low-ground that both terrifies and fascinates me...

Is the middle ground on which I try to stand disappearing out from under me? I sometimes feel like I'm fighting progress, in order to stay in a world where articles are well researched stories based on FACTS and food is made of REAL FOOD provided from the big momma herself (Mother Nature, of course!), and integrity is something that is highly regarded, especially in people that rule. Every day, we seem to be falling further and further away from this once-reality, deeper into the mundane, yet incessant video chatter, chemical-laced food replacements and torturously raised animal products, and a government being overrun by goons. How can I possibly remain optimistic about the future of humanity and the fate of the planet? It often feels like a hopeless blackhole...

But when I turn my attention to my immediate world - my Beedo and Boo and Honey, my really kinda awesome, well-paying job, my ever-improving health, both mental and physical - the rest of the chaos of the world ceases to occupy so much of my constant, conscious focus. In my home, with my family, I sing and dance and laugh and cook and eat and love... there's too much good in MY world to be down. So, instead of concerning myself with the degeneration of the veritable circus outside my doors, I look around and find myself singing over and over in my head: shout

hallelujah, come on, get happy! :)

Gotta love Hugh Laurie.

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