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Brunching like a boss.

Ever wake up craving something? Saturday it was waffles... I could almost smell them! I pretty quickly found this awesome, easy recipe for oatmeal waffles and gave it a whirl. The original recipe is just 3 ingredients in a blender, though I actually used almond milk instead of water, then added another banana, some garam masala spice, and a dash of vanilla for flavor. They came out nice and crispy on the outside and just the right chewiness inside. I served them with chopped walnuts, blueberries, raspberries, and maple syrup - heavenly! :) We each ate 2, but the recipe made 6 total, so I wrapped up the extras and threw them in the fridge, thinking maybe I'd eat them for breakfast during the week or something... I hate wasting food, so I'm perpetually in a state of balancing my yearning for variety (it IS the spice of life, after all!) and the need to use up leftovers before they go bad. I'm not complaining - in fact, this has led to the creation of some pretty interesting meals... (foreshadowing, anyone?)

Today I didn't wake up with any particular breakfast inspiration. Instead, I immediately starting thinking about the vegetable chowder that I want to make for this week's dinners... potatoes, corn, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli... oh, it's gonna be good! So, I ran off to TJ's and grabbed the veggies needed first thing. I got back home just 20 minutes later (I do so love living 2mi from my favorite store!) and the morning's enthusiasm quickly waned... I'm still excited about making chowder, but it's only 10am and I'm hungry NOW! I briefly considered doing something quick like avocado toast and fruit, but it's Sunday! That doesn't really sound like a weekend kind of meal to me. See, weekend breakfast/brunch is hands-down the meal(s) I look forward to most during the week when I know we're spending the weekend at home, and it just seems a terrible waste not to do SOMEthing special on a rainy Sunday morning. Wait a sec... what about those waffles in the fridge?? Maybe I can do something with those...

Enter: waffle sandwiches! I dug up this TVP soysage patty recipe and pulled out a few other trusty stand-bys: tofegg (extra firm tofu pressed and seasoned with Kala Namak, onion, and basil, browned in a pan over mediumish), bacon-y carrots (shredded carrots marinated in maple syrup, liquid aminos, vegan worchestershire sauce, nooch, paprika, and pepper, cooked down on the stovetop), arugula (did you know it's considered both a green AND a cruciferous veg?? - talk about a powerhouse!), and some of my favorite hollandaise sauce (seriously, this is MUCH better than other recipes I've tried, most of which have silken tofu as the base - not a big fan!). I heated up the leftover waffles in the toaster oven... then, the fun part - breakfast sammies, ASSEMBLE!! :)

Pretty damn good, if I may say so myself. (Jamie said so, too, so it's not just me!)

And, yes, they're heart-shaped waffles (it was the last of the batter, so not all of the sides got totally filled in!). I use the same waffle iron my dad used when I was young - 4 hearts connected like a clover. Makes me smile. :)

I'll get better at the food pics... I hope. ;)

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