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I'm a Certified Grief Coach!

I never saw this coming... two years ago when I started Krystal Clear Heart, my vision was totally different. I had big dreams of helping others live with more lightness and fun. I was all about learning how to love yourself in your wholeness... and don't get me wrong, I still believe self-love is crucial especially when you're in the process of grieving, but after the traumatic death of my partner, Alex, in May 2023, that sunny vision became blurrier and not in alignment with who I have become in this "After" phase of my life.

It took me many months of soul-searching and so, so many missteps along the way, but I finally decided that there HAD to be some reason I went through this major trauma and loss. It couldn't simply be to "punish" me - I'm a good person with a big heart and I've always tried my best to live well. I knew there had to be some bigger reason.

I found myself drawn to others who've experienced great losses. I discovered how much I reveled in being able to leverage my own experience to help others through theirs. I wouldn't have guessed it, but becoming a Certified Grief Coach is absolutely part of my calling. I feel it in my soul and I'm grateful to be able to turn my pain into a way to help heal others. And while I'm still in the process of healing myself, I know that between my loving, nurturing nature and my firsthand experience with heart-wrenching, earth-shattering, soul-crushing grief, I'm more than equipped to hold out my hand and help others on their journeys.

I'm earnestly offering a women's grief support circle to those local to my area in Southwest Virginia starting this year (details available on this site). I'm also available for 1:1 grief coaching, in-person or virtually. I truly hope that by doing this I can honor Alex's memory and turn my pain into healing for others. ❤️‍🩹

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