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✨The Art of Receiving✨

I love the magic of numerology and am feeling so much coming through in this potent 2.22.22 portal! I am honestly blown away by how much I have received already and feel like I'm on the verge of a serious up-level!🥳

One major catalyst for this was Christine Michelle's "Receiving Reboot" masterclass that she generously offers for FREE on her website, which I came across seemingly randomly a short time ago. I totally vibe with her energy and found the transmissions in this event really impactful.🤩 Everything from her explanation of Desire and Receiving to the more (previously) cringe-worthy terms of Surrender and Submission landed and integrated deeply for me.

One surprising thing I discovered while going through some of the journal prompts - I'm not a very good receiver... in fact, I have been a pretty terrible receiver! 😯 The idea of simply receiving the gift of an expensive dinner from a friend WITHOUT any obligation of reciprocity was an incredibly hard thing for me to fathom. I instantly thought, "oh, well, I'll just pay next time!" Don't even get me started on the thought of accepting a $5,000 gift or a $100,000 check without strings attached!!🤯

I took some time to dive deeper to understand the WHY behind this difficulty - it seems so easy for some people, including my partner Jamie, who looked at the prompts at my request and without hesitation said, "oh yeah, I'd be totally fine with that!"🤯 So as I sat with the energy of my completely opposite reaction, I recognized that I have a deep-seated fear around being indebted to anyone for any reason... energetically-speaking, it feels very imbalanced and unhealthy to me. I remember a time in my life when I was up to my eyeballs in debt and I felt so disempowered when making even small, everyday decisions like what to buy at the grocery store or how much gas to put in my car. Once I finally got a handle on everything, thanks to a credit consolidation program, and I paid down all of my consumer debt, I vowed to NEVER allow myself to go into that energy again. In doing so, I had unconsciously created blocks around receiving because it led to uncomfortable feelings of indebtedness. Whoa.😵

I'm so grateful I came across the "Reboot" and gave myself time to explore these feelings. Today, I can look at these same scenarios and see myself mindfully receiving with an open heart and sincere gratitude. I can allow the act of gracious receiving to BE the reciprocation!💫

Next I made the connection to how well (or, more aptly, how poorly) I've been receiving from the Universe... I had the disheartening realization that I too often block myself from receiving what my heart desires because I do not fully trust, surrender, and let go of the obligatory feelings that I have to DO in order to be worthy of receiving what I desire. (This feeling of unworthiness is a Pandora's box that we will leave closed for now!😣)

I felt full-body resonance as I integrated the knowing that I must fall back into surrender, into trust, into the open arms of the Universe and simply, graciously receive.✨ (I get chills even typing that now!) The art of receiving is so powerful and beautiful in its simplicity, yet so challenging... it will certainly take some practice, but mindful, intentional living is all about practicing what we want to do and be in each moment, so I'm all for it!🥰

And of course because the Universe communicates so beautifully through synchronicities, I just happened to catch a glimpse of my Full Moon in Leo statement written on the whiteboard in my office and couldn't help but laugh as I read it aloud:

🔥"I release limiting beliefs around how much I can do, have, or BE in my most authentic expression. I am open to receiving!"🔥

I feel more deeply connected to the power of this statement now and more open to receiving than ever before! I love how the Universe keeps showing up for me in these magically synchronistic ways, gently nudging me back into the remembrance of being fully held and supported as I walk the dimly-lit path of my heart's desires.💖

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